Flame Regulator with Battery Charger for Mach Wood Stove

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Flame Regulator for Mach Wood Stove:

Used to control the output flame speed of Mach Wood Stove.

Direct AC powered. Can power it from any wall socket to run our Mach Wood Stove.

Uses advanced SMPS technology. Has inbuilt overload protection and short-circuit protection which also protects the blower attachment of Mach Wood Stove.

Comes in a handy package. Can carry it anywhere with the stove. Compact and Portable.

ABS plastic enclosure for user safety and easy operability.

Fine-turn knob for accurate flame control.

Product comes with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

flame regulator for mach wood stove flame regulator for mach wood stove with knob

Handle with severe caution! Contact with direct AC!

Package includes:

1 x AC Flame Speed Controller for Mach Wood Stove.


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